302. Henry Ford: The Founder of Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford was an American inventor who is with inventing the automobile assembly line. German automaker, Benz, is credited with inventing the first motor in the late 1880s, but Ford was the who made it possible for everyday citizens to one. Before Ford came up with his assembly process, cars were built one at a time hand, which was a very costly and inefficient of production. Ford's assembly line revolutionized the way were built, and his methods are still in today.

In 1886, Benz patented his Motorwagen, which a four-wheel, two-passenger, self-powered motor coach that was to replace the horse and carriage. These vehicles expertly crafted, but were available to only the people of the time. Thanks to Ford, that changed in 1906. His Ford Motor Company, the automobile company to use assembly line techniques to cars. transformed the automobile from an expensive curiosity a practical tool that could be used to people and goods easily and efficiently. His first -produced product was the Model T. It remains one the most sold vehicles ever, and was the to reach 15 million sales.

Ford's impact on 20th Century cannot be understated. At one time was estimated that nine out of 10 vehicles American roads were Fords. His cars spurred the economy like no other single factor. The country's were built in response to the great number vehicles Ford and subsequent American automakers produced. Additionally, 's vehicles created a network of support industries such parts, repair, and maintenance services. It also caused revolution in how goods were transported in the . Henry Ford was a true American icon.