292. Seeing a Dermatologist

Andrea's acne was getting worse by the day. only did it not look good, but it her feel self-conscious. She wanted to go see dermatologist about her skin condition. Andrea had health trough her job. When she signed up for health plan, she chose a primary care physician. doctor would take care of Andrea's basic health . The primary care physician was not a dermatologist . If Andrea wanted the health insurance to pay the dermatologist, she first needed to make an with her regular physician. Otherwise, Andrea would have pay out of her own pocket to see dermatologist.

Andrea called her primary care provider. She to wait a week for an appointment since acne was not an emergency. When it was for the appointment, she showed her doctor the problem. Her primary care physician was able to a skin cream for Andrea. Andrea used that cream for a week, but her acne did get any better. She called her doctor back. doctor couldn't do anything else for her. So doctor gave her a referral to see a specialist, a dermatologist.

Andrea called the dermatologist, but had to wait another three weeks for an . Her acne had gotten worse over these three . When she finally saw the dermatologist, he ran number of blood tests and allergy tests. The told Andrea that the acne was actually an reaction to fried foods. Andrea thought it was lot of trouble to finally find out what wrong. She was happy though now that she all she had to do was not to fried food, which was not good for her or her skin.