291. Trash Days

Frank just moved from an apartment into a house with his family. When he lived in six-story apartment building, dealing with the trash was . Frank usually just dropped a bag of garbage a trash compactor chute. There was one trash chute on every floor of the building. The was in a small room located next to elevator. Frank had to take cans, bottles and recyclables to the basement and put them in special bin. He did not though have to about remembering what day was trash day. He not have to worry about taking the trash to be collected. That was the job of building's superintendent.

The two-bedroom house Frank moved into no superintendent though. Frank was provided with three by the city. Each trashcan was a different . The black one was for regular garbage. The one was for paper, plastic and cans so they could be recycled. The green bin was leaves, cut grass and tree trimmings. Each bin to be put out to the curb before city sanitation trucks came around early Monday morning. couldn't put the cans out too early, either. he put the cans on the curb before :00 p.m. on Sunday evenings, he could get a and have to pay a fine.

Frank decided set a reminder on his cell phone. Every night at 6:00 in the evening his phone beep reminding him to take the trash bins the curb. Frank also had to pay the every three months for trash collection. That was that he didn't have to do when he an apartment. Living in a house sure involved lot more responsibility than living in an apartment .