264. A Visit to Statue of Liberty

It has always been a dream of mine visit New York. My parents always talked about to New York, but we never went. I a lot of things about New York, but thing that I really wanted to see was Statue of Liberty. My parents aren't from the States, but I was born here. They saw Statue of Liberty as something more, not just something people wanted to go see and take of.

My parents never saw the Statue of because we lived in Texas. They crossed the , and longed to see the Statue of Liberty their own eyes, but never got the chance. decided that I was going to fulfill their . I finally saved enough money for a plane , and went to stay with a friend that had met at home but now in New . We talked over the Internet, and she told that if I ever got the chance to to New York, I could stay with her. called her the day I got my plane .

"Guess who's going to New York," I said. started yelling and saying that it was going be a lot of fun. I told her my first stop had to be the Statue Liberty. She told me that she couldn't wait. I got out of the plane, I couldn't how cold it was. I got my luggage met my friend outside of the airport. I her and we got a taxi to take to her home.

When we got to her , she showed me her room and told me would be leaving for the Statue of Liberty an hour. I took a shower and put two sweaters. We got a taxi, and went see the Statue of Liberty. It took a , but we finally got to the island. I 't believe the Statue of Liberty was right before eyes. I started crying, and felt my parents right here with me. I always felt like foreigner in this country even though I was here. Now I understood why they wanted to the Statue of Liberty so much.