262. No-Hitter

Rocky was a big baseball fan. He lived Philadelphia, but was originally from Los Angeles. He sure to go watch the Dodgers every time played the Phillies. Rocky will never forget the game he saw at Citizen's Bank Ballpark, which where the Phillies play.

It started off as normal game for Rocky. He sat out in stands with his girlfriend. He was fully dressed a Dodgers fan. He had a Dodgers hat, , and shirt. As the game came to the inning, which is the seventh inning stretch and starts singing "Take me out to the Ballpark," noticed that the Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett had pitching a no-hitter. A no-hitter is when a doesn't allow a player on the other team get a hit. Rocky got excited, because he would have thought he would see a no-hitter, the Dodgers pitch a no-hitter.

Rocky was holding to his beer, but he wasn't drinking it. was watching the baseball game very closely. His would talk, but he wouldn't listen. As Beckett the final pitch, Rocky held his breath. He that it was a strike and jumped out his chair. He even spilled some of his on his girlfriend, but she didn't care. She happy as well. Rocky was thrilled. He started loudly. He celebrated with other Dodger fans that there and drank the rest of his beer.

he got home, Rocky turned on the television. put the highlights of the game on ESPN saw that he had come out on television. girlfriend saw it and was excited. It was best ending to the best baseball game he ever been to.