247. Jenny's First Pets (2)

It was four o'clock when Jenny and her arrived at the pet shop on Slauson Avenue. name of the pet shop was Pet Wonders. couldn't maintain her excitement and yipped as she her dad exited the car. Jenny's dad smiled the sight of her thrilled daughter. He remembered own first pet. It was a Chihuahua named . He wondered if Pet Wonders was selling any .

Jenny and her dad were greeted by a and balding man, who smelled like dog food. ", how can I help you guys today?" the said. "We're here to buy a pony!" Jenny to the man. "Actually, we're here to browse," 's dad said right after. "Let me know when 're ready to make a purchase," the man replied. and her dad proceeded to look through the .

"What do you think of these, Jenny?" asked dad. "They're too small," she said. Jenny saw variety of colorful fishes. "What about these, Jenny?" dad asked. "They're too slimy," said Jenny. Jenny across snakes and turtles. "Would you like one these?" asked her dad. "I don't think so," responded. One hour passed and Jenny still had made up her mind on which animal to .

Jenny and her dad finally got around to the cats and dogs. "It's either one or other," Jenny's dad said, pointing to the cats dogs. Jenny had to think long and hard which pet to get. After what seemed like eternity, Jenny looked up at her dad and , "I can't choose one". Her dad paused for minute, smiled and said to her, "Then choose ". Jenny went home with a white cat and black dog, which were the best birthday present had ever received.