244. Valery's Bus Trip

Riding the bus is as easy as pie. bus driver is there to answer any questions may have. And it only costs one dollar fifty cents. These were the things Valery had from all her friends about public transportation. She never ridden on the bus alone before. This about to change in fifteen minutes as she waiting at the bus stop at the corner Atlantic Avenue and 61th Street. Valery had just fifteen and was ready to start riding the on her own.

Valery's mom had sent her Grandma's house for a weekend stay. She had all her belongings in a backpack, and was in her lucky outfit in case she crossed black cats. She was heading to the city Montebello where her Grandmother lived. Her heart began when she saw the number 260 bus approaching the distance. She looked around to see if was alone, but there wasn't anyone else waiting the bus. She was all alone.

"Come on, can do this," Valery said to herself. She she and her mother had taken the same to her Grandma's house the dozens of times. "'s just like before, except mom is not here," said, trying to ease herself. The bus finally to a halt at its stop, and its opened in front of Valery. She took a breath, looked at the bus driver, and stepped .

Valery put the money into the slot and the bus driver. She then proceeded to the of the bus and quickly sat down next an elderly woman. The scariest part was over. " all I have to do is sit and until I reached my destination," said Valery to . "Don't forget to pull the cord," a familiar said in her head.