243. Joel's Job Search

Joel's school semester was ending soon, but he had not found a job to keep him over the summer vacation. This wasn't the only Joel wanted a job. He had been taking bus to school for over a year already. was ready to start driving to school. All his friends had been driving since the age eighteen, and Joel felt like he was left . He had calculated the math and figured it take him two months of working for him be able to afford a used vehicle, or month if he worked full time. Joel had all planned out. The only problem was finding employment.

Joel felt like he had applied everywhere . He had walked into several fast food restaurants. had stepped in countless coffee shops. He had various retail stores and supermarkets. Joel went around the hands of managers, introducing himself as a student who was interested in working. Joel mingled employees and talk to frequent customers, in hopes getting some recognition or even a piece of . After submitting application after application, it seemed like would never get hired. Joel felt like giving hope.

But then one afternoon, Joel received a for an interview. Joel jumped for joy when discovered the interview was for a job working a bookstore. Joel was so determined to get job that he was hired right after his . He had greatly impressed the manager, who felt was the perfect candidate for the job. Everything going according to his plan. Soon he had money saved up to buy the car he dreamed of.