238. A Workaholic Dad

David must have been the only kid in that did not like summer vacation. Every year, the beginning of June through the end of , school kids were on vacation. Only to David, vacation meant work, work, and more work! His was a workaholic. He had two jobs most the time. He had one job during the and the other at night, but sometimes he on weekends, too. The man had more energy any persons alive. When he wasn't working on at his third job, he worked at home that was why David hated summer vacation.

His was always building something, or tearing something down. he wasn't tearing down a wall, or adding new room to the house, he was putting a new driveway or garage. It was living for a 13-year-old kid. While all of David's were off playing baseball or riding their bicycles, was usually hauling bricks or mixing cement. That's he remembers about his childhood.

David always knew was in trouble whenever he heard "Where's David!" dad's voice seemed to carry down the street. phrase could only mean it was time to to work. Of course David learned throughout the how to make himself disappear at just the times, but his dad usually found him anyway. " dad, I want to go to the park play with my friends," David would say. "You waste time with your buddies some other time. 's time to get to work now," his dad respond. It got so bad that David would fail classes so he would have to go summer school. Summer school was for students who 't do well during the regular school year, but didn't care. It meant less work. It meant !