235. Going Back to School

Dennis had always been a terrible student. When was a kid, his parents sent him to Catholic school. He didn't know much about the . Of course he didn't know much about anything he was 6 years old, but he did one thing -- all his friends from the went to a public school. Dennis was the boy that went to a private school, and friends would often tease him about it. "You're one of us! You're not one of us," would sometimes chant. He wasn't really alone, though. friend Patricia also went to the Catholic school, she was a girl. After a while, they walking to the small school together every morning. was the first girl friend Dennis had ever . She wasn't his girlfriend. She was just a who happened to be a girl.

The nuns the school were very mean. They ruled the like it was a prison. Dennis was afraid even raise his hand to ask a question. mother was often called into meetings with the about Dennis, who would also sit in the listening to the principal telling his mother how he was, but was very lazy. Needless to , Dennis didn't do well in school and ended going to a junior college after high school. didn't do very well there either, and soon out.

That all changed after Dennis grew up started working. He had worked for many years deciding he wanted to earn a degree after . Dennis went back to school at the age 30, and soon was a college graduate with degree. It turned out Dennis wasn't as lazy those nuns thought he was.