218. Prom Night

Callie noticed that her son Jesus, a high senior, was acting very strangely. He seemed to hoarding his allowance and having many whispery conversations his friends. When Callie asked Jesus about it, admitted that he was nervous about prom, a held at the end of senior year of school for those graduating. Jesus was feeling a of pressure to ask a girl to be date for the prom. Girls, like Lexi, were feeling pressure about a guy they liked asking the prom. A photographer would be on hand capture on film forever who said yes.

Then was the matter of the clothes. Young men Jesus didn't have to worry so much. Most them would just rent tuxedos. Young women, like , however, had to make sure that whatever dress wore would be unique. There is nothing more than going to the prom and having another wearing the same dress.

For the parents, like , one of the biggest stressor was money. Tickets the prom cost $120 per student. Renting tuxedos a lot of money. Not to mention the that traditionally he had to buy his date corsage. Most students split the cost of a among friends.

Callie had more than money on mind, though. She had heard stories about wild happening on prom night. She worried about Jesus alcohol, even though he was underage.

Callie encouraged son not to worry so much about finding date. Maybe he could go to prom with group of friends. That was what Jesus ended doing. It was fine until it was time be photographed. All of Jesus's friends split up couples. Jesus posed alone.