200. A Day at the Beach

"My dad's taking us to Santa Monica today," Carol. "Do you want to go with us?" loved to go to the beach, so she she would be happy to. Santa Monica beach one of the most beautiful beaches in California. are more scenic views on the coastline up down the state, but many are inaccessible to . Santa Monica has a very large beach area features white sand and lots of room to . Carol liked to toss a Frisbee around with friends and to play volleyball.

"Do you want play volleyball, Laura," Carol asked when they got . "Sure," said Laura, "but who are we going play with? It takes more than two people play." Carol thought about it, and said that should start playing and others will join in, the two girls started playing alone. Just as said, more kids came over and wanted to with them. Soon they had more than enough for a game, and they played for hours.

the game, the girls wanted to cool off, they decided to jump into the ocean for little relief. The water was crowded, but that added to the fun. It was cool and , and the waves were just right. Some people surfing both on surfboards and body boards, while were swimming out to the buoys. On the , two girls were digging for sea shells and man was using his metal detector to find treasure. Carol ran up to the man and him what he was looking for. He said: " I can find, young lady.' Carol laughed and him if she could try. "Sure. Why not?" the man. So Carol started scanning the beach soon found a necklace, whcih the man let keep. "Why not," said the man. "You found ." Carol was very happy and ran to tell .