199. Cruising the Boulevard

Steven Baker loves his car. He owns a 1977 Chevrolet Corvette that he bought many years . Steve, as he is known to his friends, a great deal on the car. He bought from a guy who was the original owner. is the best possible situation a used car can find. The car culture in California is . Detroit automakers look to California for trends to into their car designs. Many people in California lower cars, which make them look sleeker and streamline. This comes from the practice of cruising boulevard, an activity that is very popular among of all ages, especially in Southern California.

It Saturday night in August. Steve gave me a to see what I was doing that night. ", let's go cruising, brother," said Steve. And of I said yes. I loved cruising in his . The girls loved that car. It was a -seater with a T-top roof that is removable. That we cruised Van Nuys Blvd., a popular street lots of young people like cruising. This is guys can meet girls and vice versa. It 't long before we spotted a car load of in an old Ford Thunderbird. "Hey!" I shouted the girls as we came up near them. " want to cruise with us?" I said, and my surprise a couple of young blondes jumped and we drove away. It was a tight , but the girls were small and thin. I in heaven! Before long, I was dating one them, and Steve dated the other.

We went a few double dates after that, but Steve his folks moved away one year later and never heard from him again. That was a day in my life, but at least I a new girlfriend, thanks to him and his Corvette!