197. The Dog Sandy

When Donna was a little girl, she had dog named Sandy. Sandy was a furry, brown, -sized dog. She weighed about 25 lbs., and was happy dog. Donna was only 10 years old, couldn't remember a day in her life without by her side. Sandy was Donna's best friend.

two could be seen together on most days. cared for Sandy every day. She fed her, her, and played with her. Donna went with whenever it was time to take her to veterinarian's office for a physical checkup. Donna always to be with her furry friend on those because she didn't want Sandy to feel alone afraid. Donna was also responsible for cleaning up Sandy, which meant picking up her poop. Donna 't mind though. She loved Sandy.

One day, Donna Sandy were coming home from the park. They walking down the street near their home when let Sandy off her leash. Donna knew she 't supposed to let her off the leash, but always did when they were just a few away. Sandy would run into the yard, yelping howling while waiting for Donna to get home.

day was different though. Sandy saw a cat the street and started running after the cat as Donna's neighbor was driving home. Sandy was and killed by the speeding car as Donna in shock. "No!" yelled Donna, but it was late. Sandy was gone. Donna was very sad. blamed herself for Sandy's tragic death, but her told her that Sandy was happy in Heaven . Donna held a little service for her doggie buried her in the back yard so that would always be near her. Donna knew they be together again.