183. After the Death of a Music Collector

It was a stupid mistake. Before I tell about my mistake, I have to tell you my father. My father Joseph Thomas was a name in the music business. He managed a of different rock bands in the '60s. By end of his career, he had saved up money and decided to buy himself a cabin a little town in Oregon. He didn't want live in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, any other big cities. He wanted to escape big city life.

My father died in that three years ago. I found out about his in the cabin a week after he died. never really liked to answer his cell phone. would always be on low battery, or off. never bothered to charge it. He simply liked to his records and drinking whiskey.

During his in the music industry, my father had collected objects. He had different items from different artists. had one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars, and a that Janis Joplin had given him. Did I this? No, I didn't. My dad always kept himself. He was out on the road a , and he never really cared about keeping in with his kids. So, when he died, I all of his stuff at the cabin would garbage. I told the town's Sheriff to throw out. I also told him to send me paperwork for the cabin. I read about the they made in my father's cabin. I couldn't it! Hendrix's guitar sold for over a million , and so did the medallion. As I had asked the Shariff to throw out everything as , I wasn't entitled to anything, which probably made father happy.