171. Paintballing in the City Streets

Scott received a paintball gun and some paintballs his mom for his 16th birthday. When his gave him the present, she told him that would take him to a paintball range with of his friends. The range was in an field and the company that owned the range safety equipment like padding and facemasks. Getting hit a paintball hurt and could cause serious injury. paintball range was 20 miles away, and Scott to wait till the weekend to try out new equipment. He didn't want to wait that . He wanted to play with his new toy .

When his mom was taking a nap, he a friend who lived down the block to him in front of his house. "I want show you what I got for my birthday," told his friend. He loaded up the paintball with the colored balls filled with brightly colored . He started shooting it at the trashcans that on the curb. Just then a police patrol was driving down the street. Scott missed the and ended up shooting a paintball right at police car. The police thought they were under . Scott knew he had done something wrong and inside the house with his friend. Soon a helicopter was flying overhead, and Scott could hear sirens approaching his house.

The sounds of the and the sirens woke up Scott's mother. She out her window and saw a spotlight right her house, and three police cars arrived. "What going on?" she wondered aloud. She went to living room and turned on the local news see if there was any information about what happening in her neighborhood.