164. Sales Tax

John had been saving his allowance for three so that he could buy a telescope he seen advertised in the newspaper. According to the , the telescope cost $94,99. John also did some jobs around the neighborhood where he lived. He the neighbor's lawn and took another neighbor's dog a walk. Finally he had 95 dollars.

One John walked to the store. He had brought him the advertisement, which he had cut out the newspaper. He asked a salesperson in the where he could find the telescope advertised. He out the newspaper ad and showed it to salesperson to make sure they took him to right one. The salesperson showed John where the were and together they looked for the one wanted. It was called the Vega 600.

"I it!" John told the salesperson. The salesperson confirmed the Vega 600 cost $94.99 and brought the to the cash register so that John could for it. John was so excited. He felt jumping up and down. He had worked so to get this.

"That will be $104.01," the told John. "Did you advertise it as $94.99?" asked angrily. He thought the salesperson was trying take advantage of him. "Yes, it is, but have to add sales tax. It's the law. California the sales tax is 9.5 percent, "the explained. "Why don't you just put the final on advertisements and price tags then?" John asked. " everything seems more expensive and people won't come the store to buy," the salesperson explained. "Everything more expensive!" John said angrily, walking out of store without the telescope.