163. Grocery Shopping

Kim was a housekeeper for a family in Hills. One morning when she went to work, found a note from her boss. The note her to go to the supermarket and pick a few things. There was a list of Kim was supposed to buy. The note surprised . She had only been a housekeeper for a and had never been asked to go shopping . Kim didn't even know where the nearest grocery was. She also didn't know how to drive. the note also told her that the boss's would take her to the market. There was a $50 bill.

Once at the market Kim through looking for the items on her list. was confused though. The list read "one pound apples". Kim had purchased one kilogram of apples never a pound. In her country, they used metric system. She wasn't sure if a pound more or less than a kilogram. Kim decided ask one of the grocery workers. The grocery was kind and explained that a pound was half a kilogram.

"I wouldn't worry about it . Just use the scale," the grocery worker. Kim to the scale and was happy to see the scales didn't use the metric system she used to. Kim weighed a pound of apples put it in the shopping cart.

The next on the list was a gallon of milk. wasn't sure how much a gallon was. She used to buying a liter of milk. There also no way to weigh a liter of . She was glad that the milk containers were . She just wished the U.S. used the metric .