155. Anthony's First Day at Disneyland

Disneyland is also called Magic Kingdom. It is in Anaheim, California. The park opened in 1955, was an instant success. When Anthony Martinez was little boy, his brothers and sisters told him Disneyland. At first, Anthony didn't know what they . He was just too young, and would call "Dizzyland" as he couldn't pronounce it properly. His had taken his older siblings to the park times, but that was years ago. Anthony was younger than his brothers and sisters.

For a time, Anthony kept asking his parents to take to Disneyland, but the feeling eventually wore off. quit bugging his parents to take him. One , when Anthony was about 8 years old, a came to school bragging about his weekend at . All of a sudden, Anthony wanted to go . "Please, mommy, take me to Disneyland," Anthony pleaded his mom. His dad heard it, and immediately him "Okay, son, we're going this weekend for ." Anthony's dad hadn't realized that his youngest child never been there, and felt very bad about .

The weekend came, and Anthony was so excited. couldn't keep still. When they got into Disneyland, marveled at the castles and other attractions. He liked the life-sized characters that roamed the park. grew up watching Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. he was taking pictures with them. Anthony was " heaven."

The best part of the theme park the rides. "Can we go on the Captain Ride?" That question was soon followed by "Can go on the Matterhorn?" Soon Anthony had gone just about every ride. He was overwhelmed by place. Soon the family was back in their heading back home with Anthony fast asleep. It the greatest day of his young life. A he would later call "the best day of life."