153. The Artist, the Poor Man, and the Musician

Three men once lived in a small town Texas. One was a musician, another was an , and the other was a poor homeless man. day the artist was going to start working a new sculpture, but didn't have the necessary to start. He went downtown and saw a homeless man. Because the artist was new in and got lost, he asked the homeless man the nearest art supply store was. The homeless told him that it was the red and building around the corner. The artist looked at and said thank you. He gave the homeless a ten-dollar bill with the words "pass it " written on the bill. The homeless man took money and said: "God bless you!"

A few had passed, and the homeless man started getting . He walked around in town, and saw a musician playing outside a café. The homeless man down and started listening to the music played the musician. A waiter from the café came and told the homeless man that he had leave, because he wasn't buying anything, and other wanted to sit down and enjoy the music. musician saw this and told the waiter to him alone and that he would like to the homeless man something to eat. The waiter at the musician and said okay. The homeless thanked the musician. After he finished eating, he out the ten-dollar bill and gave it to musician. The homeless man left.

After the musician finished playing at the café, he decided to to a local art festival with his girlfriend. they were walking around and looking at all different paintings and sculptures, the musician's girlfriend saw sculpture she liked. It was a young man out an older man who had fallen down. wanted to buy it, but didn't have enough . The musician told her not to worry. He out ten dollars, and gave it to the . As the musician and his girlfriend walked away, artist looked at the ten-dollar bill, and smiled. ", look at that, you found your way back ," said the artist.