147. Losing My Dog

It was Sunday, the last time I saw dog. His name is Spot, because his whole is covered with spots. He is a good . He never bites, and almost never barks. I Spot when I was around 9 years old. of my friends knew that Spot was like best friend. So, when I told everyone that had gotten lost, they all came out trying help out. We looked for hours.

My dad me that maybe Spot got picked up by dog catcher. If that was true, then he be at the dog pound, which is where send all the dogs that get lost. My Mark told me that they put pictures of the dogs they find in the street online, I went online to try. I spent more an hour checking the online pictures of the , and finally found my Spot. I started jumping joy.

I went with my mom and dad pick up Spot. When we got there, he barking and running in circles all around his . I knew he was happy to see us. had been lost for about two weeks. When got him home, he ran around the backyard ran directly into his little house my dad I built for him. He started barking really , which is weird for Spot. As soon as sister heard Spot, she came running out to and catch him. He ran around her and let himself be captured. I think he just to be petted. I knew he was happy be back home and even happier when I out his food. I hope Spot never gets again.