124. Thrift Store Treasures

It was Saturday morning. Mary walked out of house with twenty dollars in her pocket and spirit full of optimism. She had spent the night in front of her television set watching reality show that followed lucky people who had amazing things at their local thrift shops. All these people had bought seemingly ordinary items for low prices, and ended up discovering that their were actually very valuable treasures. After having spent consecutive hours watching other people's experiences, Mary was to give bargain hunting a try in hopes finding something that would make her rich.

One her favorite stories from the show was of man who had purchased a copy of the of Independence thinking that it was a cheap , for only $2. He ended up discovering that print was actually one of only 200 official of the Declaration of Independence commissioned by John Adams in 1820. The man ended up making ,650 after selling it.

As Mary walked into her thrift shop, she tried recalling what all the in the reality show had looked for. The common items that people got rich from were and so she headed straight to the Home aisle. Once there, she couldn't decide which looked expensive. They actually all seemed pretty ugly to . "Excuse me," Mary said to an elderly woman by. "Which painting do you think could make richer?" Confused, the old lady quickly pointed at and walked away.

The painting the old lady pointed at was of a cat collage with 20 different cat faces jumbled atop of one . "Definitely not my first choice," thought Mary. However, trusted destiny's decision and bought the painting for . After putting it up online, she began receiving of emails asking if the picture frame displayed with the painting. In order to see what the buzz about the frame was about, she it to an antique store and asked if was anything special about the frame. "Of course, is special!" remarked the clerk at the store. " wood and age make it at least $25,000!" ended up selling the frame for $30,000. A days later, the buyer returned the ugly painting her through the mail.