116. New York, New York

Two years ago, Amy left her small hometown England and moved to one of the biggest in the United States -- New York. Amy the transition would be difficult at first, but confident that she would love her new life succeed in becoming a Broadway star. She had herself getting off the airplane and immediately making friends with whom she would spend her nights The City That Never Sleeps.

Unfortunately, the reality Amy's situation was far from the perfect life had imagined. Her days were spent jumping from to theatre looking for auditions. Although she was pretty, and great at acting, her accent made difficult for her to get hired for any . Directors kept telling her to work on her accent, but the more she practiced it, the she sounded like a cowboy rather than a Yorker.

Amy's nights were spent working at a in order to pay for her ridiculously expensive -room apartment where the sinks always leaked and the water never worked. To top it all off, city that she had imagined as being filled bright lights and friendly faces like in the was made up mostly of smelly alleys, big , and angry crowds that were always in a to get somewhere. Still, Amy didn't let anything her spirits, and was determined to keep working until her dreams would come true.

Finally one , Amy was clearing some tables in the diner singing her favorite song as usual. "Excuse me," a man in a nearby booth. "I couldn't but notice that you have a beautiful voice." blushed and thanked the man. "I'm actually casting a star in my new Broadway musical of Poppins," he continued. "How would you feel about ?" Amy's heart raced with excitement just as Frank 's "New York, New York" began playing on the 's jukebox. She was finally going to make it.