113. Fifth Grade Dance Competition (2)

After selecting Carl as her partner, Jenny needed start planning for the dance competition at her . The competition started in two months. Jenny was that Carl was not a great dancer. She to dedicate some time in helping him improve skill. On the first few days of preparation, had planned out their dance routine, with the of her teacher. They were going to be to "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley.

Jenny and spent the first two weeks memorizing their steps cues to their dance. Carl was pretty clumsy first. He eventually got the hang of it. spent the rest of the time perfecting their . The day of the competition was almost near. and Carl were beginning to get nervous. They going up against nine other pairs from the school.

The day of the competition arrived. Carl not become a great dancer, but had definitely since he began. Since Jenny won last year's , she was to perform with Carl last. The that were performing this year were better dancers to last year's competition. As each pair took stage one by one, Jenny grew more anxious. noticed this from Jenny and told her, "It'll okay, Jenny. You are great, and I'm sure 'll win." Jenny felt better after hearing Carl's words. , it was their turn to perform. They walked stage and began to dance as soon as song started to play.

They were off to great start. Jenny's class was there cheering them . The crowd began cheering them on as well. , Jenny tripped and fell. The crowd was shocked. managed to get Jenny back up on time their big finale. Jenny was upset because of fall. After their performance, the judges tallied up scores and were ready to announce the winner. and Carl won, but it was a close . If it wasn't for Jenny's talent and Carl's thinking to keep the routine going, they wouldn't won. They were both awarded with a trophy medals. Jenny and Carl were full of cheer.