104. Julie Joins Facebook

Julie was sitting in bed late at night with her brand-new smartphone. Earlier that week, she been visited by her children and grandchildren to her 70th birthday, and had received the phone a gift from her granddaughter Mary. Julie had widowed for five years now. Since she lived away from the rest of the family, Mary the phone would be a good way for to keep in touch and take up some her time.

Up until then, Julie had never been interested in catching up with modern technology, finally owning her own smartphone made her feel , and she decided to join Facebook since that what she had noticed all the younger people doing. However, when making her profile page, she embarrassed to put up a picture of herself she thought she looked much too wrinkly and would want to talk to her. To remedy , she downloaded a picture of a beautiful 20-something old from Google, posted it under her name, went to sleep.

The next morning, Julie woke and enthusiastically logged into Facebook in hopes that would have one or two new friends. She not believe her eyes. Her inbox was full friend requests from dozens and dozens of young men that were complimenting her beauty and wanted know all about her. Julie decided to accept the best-looking ones and began chatting with them and night, never letting them know that they actually talking to a grandma. The next time met up with Mary, she thanked her so for the phone and remarked, "I haven't felt young and pretty in years!" Mary was confused asked, "Why?" Julie just gave a mischievous smile changed the topic.