101. Leaving for Work

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a letter if you don't remember the word.
At precisely 6 a.m., the sound of the clock pierces the air. Sandy drags herself out bed and begins her morning routine with a shower. After her shower, she prepares a simple . Grabbing a clean bowl from the dishwasher, she into it a packet of instant oatmeal. She in a cup of milk, stirs and heats mixture in the microwave. While waiting for her to cook, she dresses for the day, mindful the weather.

Fully dressed now, she removes her from the microwave, which has now cooled just to suit her taste. It is her favorite , apple cinnamon. As she savors each bite, she reminded of her mother, who always made sure ate a warm breakfast before leaving the house the morning.

Checking the time on her phone, hurriedly swallows the last few mouthful of oatmeal heading out. As she steps into the street, gust of wind blows back her hair. She her head with the hood of her coat, the scarf around her neck, and braces for walk to the train station.

After settling into seat on the train, memories of her mother again. She takes out her phone and texts: " mom, thanks for the scarf you knit me. came in real handy this morning. Love always."