100. Baseball: The National Pastime

The game of baseball in the United States the oldest major league sport in the country. League Baseball traces its roots back to the , but the game had been enjoyed by Americans decades before then. The origins of the game in question. For many years a 19th Century named Abner Doubleday was credited with creating the , but this has been proven inaccurate today.

One is that the game was brought across the Ocean during the great European migration of the Century, and that it is based on the game of cricket. Cricket is a very popular in England, but it is played by mostly upper-class members of that society, and it is that the poor immigrants from England played the very much. However, it more closely resembles the of rounders, which is another English sport that many common features as the American game of .

In any event, the game became very popular the United States. By the 20th Century, the League, and the National League were taking the by storm. The greatest single team in either 's history is the New York Yankees. The Yankees won more World Series titles than any other in history.

The World Series is a seven competition with the two top teams from either . The first team to win four games is the World Series Champion. In 1903, The Boston won the first World Series beating the Pittsburgh . This was the start of an annual series between the two leagues. To date, the Yankees won 27 championships in 40 appearances, with the 's most recent title coming in 2009. The St. Cardinals lead the National League with 11 titles 19 appearances, with its last title coming in .