95. What is in a Lease (1)

If you want to rent an apartment, you to sign a lease, which is a legally contract between you and the landlord, the person owns the property. A lease is usually good a set time. Some leases are on a -to-month basis, but most are for a period of year or two years.

The lease or rental lists out your responsibilities as a tenant and landlord's responsibilities. The lease will tell you how the monthly rent is, when it is due, how you can pay it. Some landlords will take a certified check or money order, and will accept a personal check or cash. If pay your rent late, there is usually a fee. The amount of the late fee is usually in the lease. The lease will also you how much the security deposit is. Usually is the amount of one month's rent. The will tell you if you can have pets not. Many places do not allow pets. If bring one in anyway, they can fine you kick you out. If your apartment does allow , most likely you will have to pay an amount of money, called a pet deposit, to any damages caused by the animal. Other rules may be included in a lease include whether are allowed to smoke inside the property and you are allowed to make any changes like . Many landlords do not allow you to paint even make holes in the wall to hang pictures.

A lease is proof that you legally somewhere. Sometimes you need a lease to show school that you live within a certain area. sure you get a copy of the signed from your landlord.