94. Renting an Apartment (2)

Once you find an apartment you want to , you need to contact the landlord, the person owns the property. Most landlords are not individuals , but rather are companies that own a number properties. You and the landlord will set a to view the place you are interested in .

On that date you can see the apartment ask questions. Some landlords will require you to out an application. The application will ask questions your job, salary, and how many people are to live with you in the apartment. The wants to make sure they have responsible tenants will pay rent on time. Some landlords will ask for references, the names and telephone numbers people who can verify that you have a and are a responsible person. Most landlords will run a credit check. A credit check is history of paying bills on time. If your landlord sees that you owe a lot of to different companies and don't pay your bills time, they may not want you as a . If you have bad credit or an unstable history, you may be required to get a -signer, that is another financially responsible adult to sign lease, a rental contract, with you. This co-signer legally responsible for paying the rent if you paying.

If you cannot afford a full apartment, option is to rent a room in someone's . The process to rent a room is like an apartment except you only have a room usually have to share the bathroom and the . Most apartments and rooms in the U.S. are . You are expected to bring your own furniture, a bed, a dresser, a sofa, and anything you need.