75. The Veterans Administration

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, more known as the Veterans Administration, is an organization to provide services for all veterans of the .S. military. It was formed in July 1930, and employs approximately 280,000 people at hundreds of its throughout the U.S. Its annual budget for the fiscal year is nearly $153 billion, making it of the largest government agencies in existence today.

Department is broken into three main subdivisions. It of the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits , and the National Cemetery Administration. The VA Health is responsible for providing veterans with all health issues, while the Benefits Administration is designed to veterans in areas such as guaranteed home loans, vocational rehabilitation and educational benefits. The National Cemetery provides burial and memorial benefits, and is entrusted the maintenance of the VA's cemeteries.

The VA served U.S. veterans from several wars beginning with of World War I. It has continued the of serving former military members by providing services those veterans who need help readjusting to civilian . Many of these veterans, especially those who saw during their time in the military, are in of basic medical services for wounds suffered in . This was the original concept for the creation the VA.

Since that time, the VA has greatly, and now provides additional services such as benefits, and home-buying assistance. It also helps those who had become homeless after their service to country ended. There are approximately 30 million military living in the U.S. today. That number represents 10 percent of the population of the country .