73. One Country, Many Religions

The United States is a country that has from all over the world. Not only do people speak different languages, many people practice different . Most people in the U.S. identify as being , but only half of those people attend church a regular basis. The second most popular religion Judaism. The third most common religion in the .S. is Islam. Other religions practiced in the U.S Hinduism, and Buddhism. About 20 percent of all in the U.S. say they don't practice any . One of the founding principles of the United is religious freedom, which means people can practice religion they want without being discriminated against. This even guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. This is reason why the United States has no official .

Because there are so many different religions in United States, there are many different types of of worship. Christians attend churches. Jews and Hindus temples. Muslims attend mosques. Many people use what wear to reflect their religious beliefs. For example, Islamic women wear a scarf called "hijab" to their head. It is disrespectful to ask a woman to take off her hijab or ask her to show you what is under it. followers of an Indian religion called "Sikhism" usually cotton turbans. Again it is wrong to take person's turban off or ask that they take off. Male followers of Hasidism, a branch of , have long curls on the side of their . They wear a fringed prayer shawl. Other Jewish may wear a small cap on their heads a yarmulke. This is supposed to be a reminder that God is above them.