68. The World Trade Center

The original World Trade Center opened in New City in 1973. The most famous part of complex of buildings was the Twin Towers. They named because there were almost exactly the same. only difference is that one had a tall on the top.

When they were built, the ,368-foot tall buildings were the tallest in the world. tall buildings needed a way for people to in them. The towers had 95 elevators in . Visitors used to travel to the 107th and floors, where there were observation decks from which could see the entire city and New Jersey. there were offices, shops, a hotel, and on top floor of one of the towers there a restaurant called "Windows on the World". The even hosted a salsa night on Thursdays. A of subway lines ran underneath the towers. The Trade Center Complex, with a total of seven , was so large that it had its own code. In 1974 a French man walked a between the twin towers.

The World Trade Center a bombing in 1993. The skyline and spirit New York City were changed after September 11, . That morning, two planes crashed into the World Center in downtown Manhattan. At first the top of the buildings were in flames. Soon they tumbling down, covering lower Manhattan in hot metal ash. A total of 2,753 people died. For the air smelled of burnt metal and plastic. took eight months for the site to be . Years later, The World Trade Center is rebuilding. is a new tower, called the Freedom Tower. is also a memorial and museum to honor who died in the 2001 attack.