51. Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan is a small island that is one of New York City. New York City, "the Apple", is actually made up of five sections boroughs. These boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten , and the Bronx. Manhattan has the most people all the boroughs, about 1.5 million, even though is the smallest borough by size. If you a letter to someone who lives on Manhattan, 't write Manhattan on the envelope. You should write " York, New York", like the famous Frank Sinatra .

Because the island is so small, most people and work in tall buildings. Some of these are called skyscrapers because it looks like they touching the sky. Some famous skyscrapers in Manhattan Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, 70 Pine Street, Building, GE Building, and Citigroup Center. Manhattan is to the other boroughs by a series of and tunnels. The most famous bridge may be Brooklyn Bridge because of its brick arches. The York City subway, a massive mass transit system mostly runs underground, also connects the island to rest of the boroughs.

Manhattan, like the other , has many different neighborhoods, many of which are for the ethnic communities that first lived there. of these neighborhoods include Little Italy, Little Germany, Brazil, Chinatown, and Koreatown. One of the most parts of Manhattan is Times Square. Times Square called the crossroads of the world. Every year of people gather there on New Year's Eve watch an illuminated crystal ball drop. There are theaters around Times Square. Most of these theaters on Broadway, a famous street considered the home the American theater industry. Another famous Manhattan street Fifth Avenue. A part of the avenue features designer stores like Tiffany's. Fifth Avenue is also for its Museum Mile.