46. Los Angeles Coroner's Office

In Los Angeles, places associated with death are popular. One such popular place is the Department Medical Examiner-Coroner. When someone dies and the cause death is undetermined or suspicious, the body is here for examination. It is the coroner's job determine the time, cause, and manner of death. the coroner will have to perform an autopsy, is like an operation on a dead body try to figure out how the person died. of the reasons the L.A. coroner's office is popular is because of the number of famous who have been examined there. Some of those include Marilyn Monroe, Robert F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston.

The Los Angeles coroner's office is popular that there is even a gift shop visitors can buy items like shirts, caps, and with the coroner's logo on them. One tee-shirt can buy even says, "Our bodies of work for themselves". They even sell beach towels with outlines. The store is open five days a . They also have a website and a paper for those who are not close enough to . The coroner's office claims the purpose of the is to tell people how fragile life is to create awareness and responsibility toward one's actions. people feel that having a store in the place where dead people are is disrespectful.

There been a number of television shows about the .A. Coroner's office. Some of these are reality TV featuring what workers really do there. An example called "Death Detectives". Other shows are fictional like " M.E." The M.E. stands for medical examiner, the who performs the autopsies.