38. Homelessness in Los Angeles

It is very common to see homeless people the streets of Los Angeles. This is a that has persisted in the city since the of the 20th century. Back in that time, was known for offering many job opportunities in , and many young men were hopping on trains all over the country to arrive in Los . Unfortunately, many of those men often ended up themselves without a job, a place to stay, even food to eat. To help these people, churches began to establish shelters in the area Los Angeles that would eventually become Downtown. Even the farm landscape changed to a big city , these shelters remained a refuge for many individuals found themselves homeless in the area.

Nowadays, the population of Los Angeles is made up of more than just young men looking for work. economic and social changes have resulted in both and women of all ages turning to the of Los Angeles. Some of them are there a result of substance abuse that has left moneyless and jobless. Others are veterans from various that cannot find the resources to get back their normal lives. Additionally, many of these people from mental disabilities that limit them from finding job or being accepted in the rest of .

Since there are a lot of different causes lead to homelessness, it is easy to see finding solutions to helping all of the homeless is so difficult. Although there are many programs focus on providing the homeless food daily, it much harder to find programs that try to the homeless in finding jobs, and stable housing. order to finally find a solution that will help decrease the number of homeless people in city, a lot more individualized attention must be on individuals based on their physical and mental and circumstance.