35. Selfies

The self-portrait is nothing new. Painters and photographers always used themselves as subjects. Today, however, almost walks around with a camera in his or pocket. This is because most cell phones have on them. The fact that most people have phone cameras with them all the time has to the rise of the selfie. A selfie a self-portrait usually taken with a cell phone.

the pictures are usually taken on a cell , many people tend to share these photographs with and even strangers on different social networking websites. of the popular social networking platforms people use share selfies include Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

People take selfies when they are engaged in normal -to-day activities. They take selfies of their commutes to or school. People take selfies of themselves eating. people take selfies to show what they are or whom they are hanging out with.

The common way to take a selfie is by a cell phone at arms length. Some people selfies by taking a picture of their reflection a mirror. In these pictures, you can usually the phone the person is taking a picture . Selfies taken using a mirror often are taken a bathroom, which some people think is offensive. bathroom is a very private place, not a to take pictures.

Some people think that selfies a sign that people are becoming vain or . It is not often that people take pictures themselves that make them look bad. When people pictures of themselves, they usually are trying to themselves in the best light. However, some people selfies to show what they really look like. people are trying to challenge stereotypes of what someone attractive.