14. Labor Day – A Holiday to Honor Workers

Labor Day is observed on the first Monday September. It is a holiday meant to honor contributions, both economic and social, of U.S. workers. has been an official federal holiday since 1894, that government offices including post offices and schools closed.

It is also widely thought that Labor was created as an alternative holiday to May . May Day, especially in the 1800s, had become protest day, when workers marched to demand better and working conditions. There were often strikes that in violence. At the time, the U.S. government afraid that May Day was being led by and was having a bad influence on workers. people feel September was also chosen since there no other holidays between Fourth of July and in November.

On Labor Day there are usually in major cities around the country. Politicians and leaders make speeches and hold press conferences. Labor is also considered the unofficial end of summer. people celebrate Labor Day with trips to the , picnics, and barbecues. Many towns and cities host on this day. Many people also take their summer vacations around this time. Labor Day is the beginning of the professional and college football in the U.S.

Labor Day has also become important retail holiday. Many stores have Labor Day to coincide with the start of the school for many children in the U.S. This means many store workers, while their holiday is being , have to work long hours.