10. Easter – An Important Christian Holiday

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the of the dead of Jesus Christ as told the Bible. Christians are found in church on . Some Christians participate in an Easter vigil or mass, sometimes held by candlelight. Easter is never a set date. It is observed on a between the end of March and the end April. The exact date is calculated based on different calendar. Many public schools in the U.S. a week-long vacation around Easter time. Sometimes this is called Easter or Spring break.

In the States, Easter is also celebrated as a secular . It is associated with the beginning of spring symbolized by bunnies, flowers, and dyed eggs. Many in the U.S. believe in a fictional character the Easter Bunny. According to the myth the Bunny leaves baskets full of candy for children. these baskets are hidden and the children have find them on Easter Sunday morning. Candy that usually inside an Easter basket can include chocolate the shape of bunnies or chicks, jellybeans, and .

Another activity associated with Easter is an Easter hunt. According to popular mythology, the Easter Bunny painted eggs and children need to find them. real eggs used to be used, now it common to use plastic eggs filled with candy. are usually public Easter egg hunts in parks the country. The White House even hosts an egg hunt. Another Easter tradition associated with Easter dying real eggs in different, usually pastel, colors light pink, blue and yellow.

In New York , people take to Fifth Avenue to participate in Easter Parade. The Easter Parade isn't a parade marching bands and floats. People walk up and Fifth Avenue showing off elaborately decorated hats or bonnets.