4. Christmas - A Holiday of Traditions

Christmas, observed on December 25, is a Christian that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians different denominations go to church on Christmas. Many go to midnight mass. In the United States, , the holiday has a much more secular tone is celebrated throughout the country. Many people, regardless their religion, put up and decorate a Christmas . The tree can be a real evergreen or can be an artificial tree. Lights, strings, tinsel, even popcorn can be used to decorate a tree. On the top of the tree is star or an angel. The decorations are usually and green.

The purpose of a Christmas tree to have a central location to place gifts. to legend, a jolly fat man with a , named Santa Claus, leaves presents under the tree. in the U.S. often write lists of things want Santa to bring them. Many parents bring children to shopping malls across the country to a man dressed as Santa what they want. children are often also photographed with the mall as a keepsake. On Christmas Eve many children milk and cookies for Santa. Of course it the parents that buy the gifts from the lists and even eat the cookies and drink milk.

On Christmas Day children usually wake up and run to the tree so they can what Santa brought them. Adults can also exchange at this time.

People don't just decorate a at Christmas. Many also elaborately decorate their homes lights. Some of the displays are even synchronized Christmas songs called carols. Originally these songs were , but now they are about the spirit of season.