1. America: Land of Opportunity

America is known as the land of opportunity, one could achieve anything they put their mind , no matter who they are. Thousands of people to the United States every year from different of the world to have access to these of opportunities. This is what is known as, " American dream". One of the many reasons America such a great country is the diversity you all around. America is one big melting pot citizens from different backgrounds.

America is also home many of the world's top colleges and universities. California Institute of Technology is a top world college that focuses highly on science and engineering. is located in the city of Pasadena. Harvard is another top world ranked college that you be familiar with. The buildings at Harvard date the way back to the year 1636, making the oldest university in the United States. It located in the state of Massachusetts. University of , Los Angeles is another institute worthy of recognition. next to Hollywood, UCLA has distinguished itself as prestigious and selective university due to the number people who apply for admission throughout the United . The universities mentioned are but a few of many other excellent schools that make the United so outstanding.

America is also known for being the forefront of freedom and equality. Although our may be contradictory to these ideals, we have and now live in a land of equal . Whether you wish to become a doctor, a , or a librarian, America is the best place be at to achieve these dreams.