190. The Big Game

190. The Big Game

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It was December 18. It was snowing. It was the day of the Big Game. The Big Game was a football game. It was a football game between two high schools. One high school was in Smallville. One high school was in Grandville. The Big Game was the game of the year. Everyone went to the game. Everyone wanted their team to win. Everyone wanted the other team to lose. The record between the two teams was even. Smallville had won 40 games. Grandville had won 40 games. This was the 81st game. The two mayors made a bet. The mayor of the losing town had to shovel snow. He had to shovel snow off the other mayor's driveway. He had to shovel snow off the other mayor's sidewalk. The Big Game ended in a tie. The final score was 17 to 17. Both mayors were happy.

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