182. Sharon Goes Shopping


Sharon went to Target with Paula. Target was having a sale. Everything was on sale. It was the holiday season. It was the day after Thanksgiving. It was Black Friday. "Did someone die?" Paula asked her mom. Her mom said no. "Then why do they call it Black Friday?" Paula asked. "Businesses want to be 'in the black,' honey," Sharon said. "If they are in the black, they are making money. If they are 'in the red,' they are losing money. So, today is a good day for businesses. They will make a lot of money today. They will be in the black. They won't be in the red." Paula was happy. She was happy because no one had died. She was happy because Christmas was next month. She was happy because Target was in the black. "Let's buy lots of stuff, so Target can be extra black," Paula said.

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