161. A Cat and a Squirrel

161. A Cat and a Squirrel

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Evelyn had a cat. Her cat's name was Red. Red was a red cat. Red liked to chase things. He chased balls. He chased butterflies. He chased squirrels. Evelyn had a yard. A tree was in the middle of her yard. A squirrel lived in the tree. Red climbed the tree. He saw the squirrel. The squirrel saw Red. The squirrel raised its tail. It chattered at Red. It said, "Click, click, click." It told Red to go away. "This is my tree," the squirrel said. "Get out of my tree." Red didn't understand the squirrel. Red didn't speak "squirrel." Red was a cat. He spoke "cat." Red said, "Meow, meow, meow." He said, "Let's play. I will chase you. Then you will chase me." The squirrel chattered some more. "Leave me alone, you crazy cat. Go play with the other cats," it said.

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