148. Drive the Car

148. Drive the Car

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Charley wanted to drive the car. "Can I drive the car, Dad?" he asked. "You can drive the car," his dad said. Charley followed his dad out to the car. His dad opened the driver's door. "You are the driver," he said. Charley got into the car. His dad closed the driver's door. His dad walked around the car. He opened the passenger door. He sat next to Charley. He gave Charley the key. Charley put the key into the ignition. Charley turned the key. The car started. Charley was so excited. He turned the steering wheel left. He turned the steering wheel right. Left, right, left, right. He honked the horn. He honked the horn again. Honk! Honk! He turned on the left blinker. He turned on the right blinker. Blink! Blink! He asked, "Am I a good driver, Dad?" His dad said, "Son, you're a very good driver."

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