85. It Looks Like Rain


The TV weatherman says a lot of things. He gives us a lot of information. He says it will be hot and sunny. He says it will be cold and rainy. We will get showers. We will get two inches of rain. We will get three inches of snow. The temperature tonight will go down to 50 degrees. The temperature tomorrow will be 73 degrees. The sun will rise at 6:30. The sun will set at 6:15. The beaches will have early morning fog. A winter storm is coming. The mountains will have snow. The waves at the beach will be high. The Santa Ana winds are coming. It will be hot and windy. We must be careful. We must watch for fires. The TV weatherman goes on and on. He talks and talks. He tells us everything about the weather. He has pretty pictures and maps. He points at the maps. He has lots of fancy technology. We don't have fancy technology. We don't need fancy technology. If we want to know what the weather is like, we just look out the window.

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