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1. Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ on ___ Sunday. Kids look for ___ eggs on ___ Sunday.
6. Which came first--the chicken or the ___? Kids hunt for colored ___s on Easter Sunday.
8. A. What is your favorite ___? B. My favorite ___ is blue. I found two blue Easter eggs.
10. Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas every ___. They have celebrated Easter and Christmas for 2,000 ___s.
11. Look! I found a colored egg that looks like our flag--it's ___, white, and blue.
13. She put the colored Easter eggs into a little straw ___ with a straw handle.
16. A ___ is an adult female chicken. A rooster is an adult male chicken.
17. A. Don't you have anything to do? B. Yes, I have ___ to do. I'm going to color the eggs.
18. ___ is a common color. Chicks have ___ beaks. Chickens eat ___ corn.
20. A chick is a ___ bird that grows up to be a big bird.
21. Do most houses have a front ___ and a back ___? Do parents hide Easter eggs in both ___s?


1. People usually celebrate a tradition ___ year, not ___ other year. Does ___ Christian celebrate Easter and Christmas?
2. On Easter ___, kids look for colored Easter eggs. Easter is always on ___, just as Thanksgiving is always on Thursday.
3. A ___ egg is brown or white. An Easter egg is a ___ egg but it's colored. ___ is another word for "normal."
4. People color eggs and kids look for the eggs because it is an Easter ___.
5. She found four colored eggs in the front yard and three eggs in the ___ yard.
7. Look at that white cloud in the ___ sky. It looks like a regular egg.
9. Every egg looks ___ every other egg. They look different only if you color them. Does every egg taste ___ every other egg?
12. A. Is a brown egg ___ from a white egg? B. No. Only the color is ___.
14. "___" is the name of a famous song by The Beatles. It begins, "___, my belle...". ___ is a girl's name; it's similar to "Michael."
15. A. But Mommy, I don't see any Easter eggs. B. You have to ___ for them, honey. We hid the Easter eggs.
19. A. ___ do we color eggs for Easter? B. Because it's a tradition. We do it every year. Now you know ___.