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1. A ___ is a good place to store your tools. You can lock the ___ and carry it with you.
6. A broken garbage disposal is just one of many ___s that renters may have. Renters call the landlord to fix these ___s.
7. The hardware ___ sells many products that will fix problems in your home.
8. Was the garbage disposal connected to an electric ___?
9. Did he want to buy a ___ garbage disposal to replace the old one?
10. Most appliances in your home run on ___. Without ___, you have no lights or TV.
13. It's better to fix things ___ than to wait for them to get worse later.
14. Electricity can injure or even ___ you. Always unplug appliances before you work on them.
15. The garbage ___ in the kitchen sink chews up food scraps and bones, too. (Don't stick your fingers in there!)
17. ___s come in all shapes and sizes. There's a ___ for tightening or unscrewing every screw.


1. ___ has many uses. People put ___ around boxes before shipping the boxes.
2. It's ___ to work on an appliance if it's plugged in! You might die! Always unplug the appliance first.
3. Did you accidentally drop a spoon into the ___ disposal? Did the disposal chew the spoon up?
4. I see water on the kitchen ___. Does that mean there's a leak somewhere?
5. The garbage disposal was ___ed to a cable. He saw the ___ion.
7. The electric ___ is on the wall. Flick the ___ to turn the garbage disposal on or off.
11. Should you call the ___, manager, or owner if there is a problem in your apartment?
12. Please ___ my old garbage disposal with a new one. I need a ___ment.
16. A. You need a new garbage disposal? What's the matter with the ___ you have? B. The ___ I have doesn't work. I need a new ___!