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2. A ___d road doesn't turn muddy from rain. A dirt road turns muddy.
5. A. ___ do you do every weekend? B. I mow my lawn every weekend, that's ___. I hate it!
7. I got ___ of my lawn mower. I gave it away. I replaced it with a goat.
8. My son is so ___. He's afraid of a little work. He uses a riding mower instead of a push mower. He sits down while he mows the lawn.
10. Your grass grows very fast. You mow it every ___! I mow my grass every other ___.
11. I start mowing my lawn in April and stop mowing in September--that's six ___s!
13. A. I hate mowing my lawn. B. You should get rid of your lawn mower. ___ you should buy a goat. ___ you can relax every weekend.
16. Mowing the grass isn't easy. It's ___ work. (Well, it's not so ___ if you have a riding mower.)
17. Don't leave your flip-flops in the yard, or the ___ will eat them along with the grass. ___s eat just about anything!
18. First I mow the front ___. Then I mow the back ___.
20. They sell push ___ers, gas ___ers, electric ___ers, and riding ___ers. You have many choices for ___ing your lawn.
21. I'm tired of mowing my lawn, but I don't know what else to do. Can you think of any good ___s?
22. My ___ eats grass sometimes, when he's sick. Then he gets better and chases the cats again.


1. You have a beautiful ___; it's so green. It looks like part of a golf course.
3. A. Why do you have to mow your lawn ___ week? B. Because the grass grows so fast!
4. Mix cement, sand, gravel, and water all together and you have ___. Without ___, we have no buildings or bridges.
6. A dog won't eat any of your grass. A goat will eat ___ of your grass. (And both of your flip-flops.)
9. A. I don't like that idea. Do you have ___ one? B. Yes, I do. Here's my other idea.
12. A green, grassy lawn is pretty. A concrete lawn isn't pretty--it's ___.
14. Mowing the lawn in the summer is hard work because the weather is so ___ and humid.
15. ___ likes to mow the lawn, but everybody likes to look at a mowed lawn.
17. The ___ on the lawn grows in the spring and summer, but it dies in the winter.
19. Here's what you should do. ___ up your yard. Get a shovel and ___ up all the dirt and grass. Replace all of it with concrete.