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1. Do you want milk and sugar in your ___, or do you want to drink it black?
4. Some restaurants put two hamburger patties on the bread; they call it a "___." Some restaurants put three patties on the bread and call it a "triple."
7. Can I have a few ___ cubes to drop into this hot coffee? It's too hot to drink.
8. Did he drive his ___ or his truck to the fast food restaurant?
9. A restaurant usually ___s good because of the hot food.
10. "___, that feels much better," he said, after pouring some cool water into his lap.
13. He sat in his car and waited in line. Then he pulled ___ as the customer ahead drove off.
16. The old ___ should not be driving a car. He's too old; he might have an accident.
18. Do you think you will get smarter as you get ___er? That's what people say.
19. If a cap or lid isn't on ___, food or liquid might spill out of the container. Loose lids are risky.
21. The restaurant employee ___ed hot coffee into the insulated cup.
22. He wanted ___ that tasted delicious, so he ordered a hamburger. He didn't want anything else.
23. Most restaurants ___ their potatoes in hot vegetable oil. That's why they're called "fries."


1. The ___ took his money and gave him his burger.
2. "Do you want ___ with that?" is a popular question in hamburger shops.
3. The lid came off the cup and coffee ___ed out of the cup. He cleaned up the ___ with a paper towel.
5. "___!" he cried. "That coffee is too hot; it burnt me!"
6. Most fast food restaurants serve ham___s, not hot dogs. Many people like tomatoes and lettuce on their ___.
11. The hot coffee spilled out of the cup and into his ___. His pants were soaking wet.
12. The clerk ___ed while the customer opened his wallet to dig out his money.
14. He ___ed a hamburger, fries, and a large coffee. The clerk asked if he wanted to ___ anything else.
15. Did the old man ___ his car or take a bus to the burger restaurant?
17. If you haven't eaten all day, you are ___. A couple of burgers will fill you up.
20. The clerk put the plastic cap on ___ of the insulated coffee cup.