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1. Are renters always looking for ___s in ___ buildings?
5. In New York City, renters often use a real ___ agent to find an apartment.
7. Day after day, ___ after ___, people look for apartments to rent.
8. Her boss didn't think she was a ___ agent because she didn't close any deals. "You're no ___," her boss said.
9. The agent's ___s wanted nice apartments at a cheap price. They didn't want to pay a lot.
12. I have a ___ problem. I have little problems, too, but this is a ___ one.
14. Her ___ yelled at her. Her ___ said he was going to fire her.
17. The ___ is the top apartment in a building. It's the most expensive.
18. I don't ___ this apartment because it's too small. I don't ___ that apartment because it's too expensive.
19. She was looking for an apartment to ___. She looked online and in the newspaper.


1. Does a real estate ___ help people buy and sell houses?
2. She was a ___ real estate agent in ___ York City.
3. Are you looking for an apartment? Did you call a ___ estate agent?
4. I won't ___ my job; you'll have to fire me.
6. If you don't rent ___ apartments to clients, I will fire you. One apartment a month is not ___.
10. She ___ed her clients at their ___ address online.
11. Every day she ___ed apartments to her clients. They looked, but they didn't rent any apartments.
12. Is the furnace usually in the ___ of a building because heat rises?
13. The best way to solve your ___ is to quit this job and find another job.
15. Real estate agents have a tough ___. They have to show many apartments to a client. They walk a lot in cold or hot weather.
16. Her angry boss ___ed at her. Then she went home and ___ed at her husband.